Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. Developed for all creative mind people, you can use it to raise funds, realise your aspirations and make great things possible.

"Many hands make light work." It's so much easier (and workable) to ask a lot of people for a little help, than one or two for a whole lot. Pozible provides a platform to present your ideas to a worldwide audience.

A small group of energetic, tech-savvy, eclectic peeps, working from both Sydney and Melbourne who are here to help you take your project from 'dream' to 'done!'


When CEO and founder Tania was volunteering for a charity 10 years ago, the team was trying to raise money for a fun run. She recalls it wasn’t easy, coordinating cash and cheques from all directions.

“I thought there must be a better way. I did some research and decided to start an online fundraising platform where the charity would be the beneficiary, and people could request donations on their own online page from their friends and family,” she explains.


Chuffed is building a transparent, inspiring & personalized way to make change

When you see something that needs to change in your community what do you do?

Shout at the tv that ‘someone should do something about it’? Rant online about how broken the system is and how people just don’t ‘get it’?

What if instead of doing that, we all put up our hand to do something - big or small.

All around the world, there are millions of people who already do just that. We built for them. To make it incredibly simple for them to fundraise. To make it easy for them to find a community of people who wanted to support them. And to give the rest of us a more transparent and effective way of making the world we want to see.



Australia's crowdfunding platform for startups and innovators that want to make a difference. Whether you have an innovative idea on how to clean up our oceans, improve our children's health, or grow your local economy, we'd love to help you grow the community and funding you need. Where Ideas Take Off.


​OzCrowd was established to provide a platform exclusively for Australian projects and can be considered one of the most liberal platforms worldwide.

We allow all Australian individuals, community groups, charities and businesses to launch crowdfunding campaigns on OzCrowd and we have seen significant growth in both interest and funds raised as time has progressed.